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Angel Investing - Hatching Start-up Funds with Start-up Companies

By Mark Van Osnabrugge and Robert J. Robinson


“Angel Investing - Hatching Start-up Funds with Start-up Companies” by Osnabrugge and Robinson is a definitive guide for new business owners searching capital investors, and established entrepreneurs targeting $100,000 or more profits on investments.


Osnabrugge and Robinson’s book includes impressive stories of private investors and private investing firms who pioneered angel investing.  It offers an unparalleled analysis of and information on how angels differ from their chief competitors – venture capitalists. The easy to understand writing style and wealth of data contained in the book, provides an interesting read. Answering a range of questions on investments and exits, the book also includes resources that business owners need to attract business angels.      


“Angel Investing” is a must read for new entrepreneurs. The book coaches on:


  • Ways to determine and fulfill angel investment criteria.
  • Pitching for investments – how to achieve success in corporate presentations and tap large quantities of finance for business each year.

The book will also teach new investors the best ways to establish relationships with start-up companies, what qualities to explore before investing finance, and how investments should be made.


The most notable feature of this book is its resource section listing more than 70 consulting services matching investors with entrepreneurs. The list also provides information on different websites, organizations and networks that offer investment advice, information on business strategies, and capital deals.


“Angel Investing - Hatching Start-up Funds with Start-up Companies” has been written by Mark Van Osnabrugge and Robert J. Robinson, two extremely experienced investors assembling years of research into one book. Osnabrugge serves in top international advisory firm, Marakon Associates, as a consultant. Robinson, an angel investor, is also an associate professor at the Harvard Business School teaching negotiations. Their book has been compiled after elaborate and detailed interview with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and angel investors.