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Angel Investor profiles


John May
John May is changing angel investing from a lonely and high-risk venture into a team sport. In his model, angel investors band together to pool their money and invest together in early-stage companies. However, group investing is hardly a new tack. But May, the president of New Vantage, an angel club management firm, takes it a step further. He’s breaking the mold of asking wealthy investors to fork over money and sit back while the fund manager does all the work. Not in May’s model.

Luis Villalobos
A lifelong entrepreneur who became an angel investor 18 years ago. Started in software and logic design. Has a master's in mathematics and a degree in electrical engineering and computer science. Joined a startup company and became the vice president of engineering.


Barry Moltz
In an unstable economic climate, Moltz, a long-time entrepreneur, saw the need for a stand alone group of serious angel investors to deals in the Chicago area. As an angel investor, he co-founded, Prairie Angels two years ago.