Angel Investors

Angel Investor Profile : Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz Angel Investor In an unstable economic climate, Barry Moltz, a long-time entrepreneur, saw the need for a stand alone group of serious angel investors to deals in the Chicago area. As an angel investor, he co-founded, Prairie Angels two years ago. Barry Moltz is the co-founder of Prairie […]

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Angel Investor Profile : Luis Villalobos

Luis Villalobos Angel Investor Luis Villalobos is an entrepreneur turned angel investor with 18 years experience in the field of business investment. The holder of a Masters Degree in Mathematics and Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Villalobos started his career with software and logic design. His professional growth […]

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Angel Investor Profile : John May

John May Angel Investor John May, the president of New Vantage angel club management firm, is rapidly changing the face of angel investing. May’s investment model stresses on group investing, through which, he attempts to change solitary high-risk ventures into a collective effort. Although hardly a new concept, it is […]

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