Katherine Catlin & 

Jana Matthews

Business is a dynamic industry prone to rapid developments and advancements. An enterprising profession, business demands rapid changes in a company’s organizational structure, and working methods, to execute new directives. Today’s economy is evolving swiftly, increasing the number of new jobs in companies employing less than 100 professionals, to an astonishing level. The growth in economy and business demands requires organizational change to reflect economic development

Catlin’s and Matthews’ book, “Building the Awesome Organization”, is a must read for business professionals, especially start-up entrepreneurs

The book reveals the 6 important fundamental rules that deliver business growth, including information drawn from the Kaufman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, and resources of more than 500 entrepreneurs with success portfolios. The components of this book are geared to help assess organizational health, develop and create a successful company. Highly experienced in the area of organizational growth, Catlin and Matthews delivers a systematic approach to establishing an organization, followed by showing how to implement fundamental basics in the working of an organization.

‘BUILDING THE AWESOME ORGANIZATION’ explains the process behind the following:

  • Developing an innovative growth culture 
  • Creating a growth plan
  • Establishing the required infrastructure for growth
  • Hiring and retaining good industry talent
  • Building and encouraging teamwork to achieve growth
  • Leading growth. 

Catlin and Matthews have also included SCANs, or quizzes, containing ‘red flags’ and ‘vital signs’ to help entrepreneurs measure their company’s performance, and navigating it through developmental phases.

The ‘Building the Awesome Organization’ book comes with easy-to-understand practical advice, and is mandatory study for: 

  • Those entrepreneurs building dynamic businesses
  • Those challenged by unanticipated rapid growth, unable to cope with technological developments taking place at lightening pace. 

Katherine Catlin

The founder of the Catlin Group, Katherine has 15 years experience of working with CEOs, creating efficient management teams to help cope with challenges of fast developing businesses

Jana Matthews

originally a member of the Kaufman Center’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program and now president and CEO of Boulder Quantum Ventures, helps CEOs and their management teams realize the growth potential of their companies.