Venture Capitalists Tell Their Stories

Udayan Gupta 

Harvard Business School Press

“Done Deals” by Udayan Gupta, is an impressive account of the years of venture capital investment, as witnessed by industry stalwarts.


No less than 35 influential venture capitalists, including such pioneers as Arthur Rock and Eugene Kleiner, and the current major players John Doerr and Geoff Yang, share insights and experiences in profitable business deal making in Gupta’s book. 

For the new entrepreneur, Gupta’s edition is an eye-opener. Business owners not only learn how the biggest business deals like and Yahoo were achieved, but also the methods by which venture investors established partnerships and select business management teams. 


Gupta includes the choicest success stories to teach entrepreneurs the secrets to success in the high-risk investment environment.

Gupta’s book is organized in parts

  • Fast Forward
  •  Beginnings
  •  West Coast
  •  East Coast 
  • Visions Sections

Tracing the history of venture capital growth from a humble endeavor to an extraordinary industry, ‘Done Deals’ offers a sneak preview of the future of venture capital as foreseen by industry veterans. The book also explores the primary differences between East Coast and West Coast companies 

Not until the last few years did the venture capital industry attain much recognition in the economic market. With the growth of economy, venture capitalism has achieved new popularity, and countless venture firms have emerged in the financial circles. The reason behind venture capital popularity, as Gupta opines, is the Internet with some of its major dotcom companies upholding great potential for growth and profit generation. Since returns on venture assets are comparatively higher than any other investments, investors are willingly plunging in money in the venture market

This has led to double the growth of the venture industry in the last decade as initially estimated. An astounding $30 billion venture funds were raised and invested in year 1999. Compared to the $3 billion funds raised in the early 1990’s, this growth is truly remarkable.

Udayan Gupta, start-up business consultant for strategy development and freelance journalist, is also the founder of, an information and multimedia news publisher. Gupta is a Walter F. Bagehot Fellow in Economics and Business Journalism at Harvard. He has more than 10 years experience of serving as a Senior Special Wrier for the Wall Street Journal.