an E-Commerce Venture

Marc Kramer 

Starting a new business requires developing a strong business strategy, efficient management team and acquiring venture capital from investment firms. While most business and investment management books deal with these fundamental issues, Kramer’s book, “Financing & Building an E-Commerce Venture”, takes it a notch higher. Kramer guides an entrepreneur through the basics of launching an online business.

Focusing on critical topics like: 

  • How to evaluate and select the best investors
  • How to develop a strong business strategy to attract investors
  • How to present business before venture firms.
  • How to achieve success in corporate presentations for investments
  • What questions Venture Capitalists ask and how to address them.
  • How to conceive and operate a business plan to obtain capital investment.
  • Employee, advisors and board member selection.
  • Negotiating investment terms with Venture Capitalists
  • Formulating business strategies, marketing and sales plans
  • Employing service providers that promise good serviceability
  • Presentation of business plans to capital investors
  • Acquiring capital and closing investment deals 

Kramer, a former Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year Award holder, firmly believes that the quality and wealth of information provided in his book can help business owners acquire finance, and improve chances of public launch of company or its sellout

Although a million businesses run across the Internet selling goods and services, Kramer opines that the scope of the Internet is but limited compared to the innumerable opportunities outside. His book helps seek out those fertile markets.

Kramer’s book explains the 10 obstacles that entrepreneurs face when building an Internet business. A sound business plan, according to Kramer, is vital to a start-up. Not only does it help detect flaws in operations, but also helps communicate company expansion model to its management, employees and investors. Kramer combines his expertise in 14, easily comprehendible chapters, explaining the essentials of achieving entrepreneurial success in e-business.

A useful feature of Kramer’s book is its list of angel investor and venture capitalist websites that make the search for funding companies easier for e-business ventures.

E-commerce demands new business methods and a behavioral study of Internet shoppers. A must read for web entrepreneurs, Kramer’s book, “Financing & Building an E-Commerce Venture”, blends business expertise with knowledge of the emerging e-business industry.