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Stanley I. Mason Jr


Going Solo

Rarely did a World War II pilot fly over towns thinking about businesses, how small time owners operated their companies, and how small enterprises grew to such large corporations. In Stanley Mason Jr.’s case however, it formed the inspiration behind his long career of 30 years as entrepreneur.  The founder and CEO of a product development company, Simco, Inc., Mason today holds 55 national and 85 international patents for a wide range of popular products, including the first granola bar and first contoured disposable diaper.

Mason has compiled his experience and research in an excellent book, which is the authoritative guide for anyone who aspires to become a business owner or is a veteran in business freelancing. “Going Solo, The Best Resources for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers” also includes helpful advice for business novices, fresh entrepreneurs, minorities and women hoping to start their own businesses. Mason’s quality writing and wealth of information has led the founder of the World's Largest Dairy Store, Stew Leonard Jr., to call Mason’s book the entrepreneurial “Zagat guide”

“Going Solo” contains a series of articles advising on

  • Interest and skill assessment to test business aptitude
  • The process of transition to business consultant or freelancer from employee
  • Creation and management of work
  • Creation, development and management of home ventures
  • Following the right information search methods to secure marketing and financial advice
  • Technology-based business research 

A notable feature of Mason’s book is its list of entrepreneurial and marketing information sources, including published books, websites, softwares, CDs, etc, with price comparisons for each source.

Mason’s book, “Going Solo, The Best Resources for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers”, is geared to help all.

Novice entrepreneurs

Established owners 

Experienced business freelancers.