The IdeaVirus

Seth Godin 

Do You Zoom Inc

Seth Godin’s book “Unleashing the Ideavirus”, is revising the approach to product marketing. A practical and concise book, ‘Ideavirus’ is a delightful read that busts markets targeting at consumers.  Instead, it encourages creating an environment where consumers willingly market company products and services to each other. Godin describes an ‘ideavirus’ as a concept that spreads across and affects people, educating, metamorphosing and influencing them to exercise change. According to Godin, a marketer does not drive successful marketing, a consumer does. This forms the backbone of his book, a truly potent concept that is revolutionizing consumer markets.

To support his teachings, Godin sights the example of Hotmail. He states that the popularity of Hotmail (a Microsoft product) was not due to advertising or vigorous marketing, but because it introduced free e-mail service which people became interested in and talked about to others. Hotmail’s success resulted from word of mouth, and not through imposing consumer targeted ads

According to Godin, controlling, measuring and manipulating information and its spread is counterproductive. Successful ideas, as Godin states in his book, are those which flourish under good customer relationships. Godin believes information is contagious and the basis of excellent communication. Word of mouth is possibly the oldest and still the most effective way to advertise a product and market services. Godin also explains the term ‘fad marketing’. He gives several examples, including Air Jordan sneakers and Napsters which attained new heights in popularity over a very short span of time

Godin’s book is interesting, with bouts of fresh ideas for the new-age business entrepreneurs. In easily comprehendible language, Godin enunciates 7 ways the ideavirus can help businesses market products. Godin explains the importance of ideavirus, including 5 common elements of the ideavirus. Godin’s book also explores the basics of the ideavirus concept and formula, and techniques through which it can be unleashed. Packed with interesting anecdotes, “Unleashing the Ideavirus” exemplifies how large corporations used the ideavirus to achieve big profits.

More information on Godin’s “Unleashing the Ideavirus” can be found at www.ideavirus.com