The Definitive Guide for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Practitioners

Joel Cardis

Sam Kirschner

Stanley Richelson

Jason Kirschner

Hildy Richelson

As a general annual exercise, Venture Capitalists invest large quantities of finance in companies with high-growth potential.  The process of Venture Capitalist investments is governed by a definitive strategy, which prompts VCs to think and act in a certain way. Knowing the principals dictating investments can help understand where the investment money goes

Learning How to Think Like a Venture Capitalist

Venture Capital: The Definitive Guide for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Practitioners’ has been co-authored by such experts like Joel Cardis, Sam Kirschner, Stanley Richelson, Jason Kirschner and Hildey Richelson, with experience in helping several clients earn capital equity. Their book answers all questions on investment capital; how to find and woo Venture Capitalists and acquire investment capital for businesses. Based on opinions, ideas and suggestions expressed through several interviews, ‘Venture Capital’ tutors on ways to build a strong business model and plan. The book expands on the process of assessing a management team, carrying out market research and evaluating the level of competition

The ‘Venture Capital’ book emphasizes on the single most important factor governing new businesses: finding the right Venture Capitalists interested in the relevant markets

The book enunciates a step-by-step process of finding a suitable Venture Capitalist for a business; list of the best venture companies, how the right venture firms should be selected, requirements for application and the process of presentation for capital, etc.

‘Venture Capital’ also provides information on criteria for conclusion of a venture capital deal, in addition to examples of those specific procedures applicants will require an understanding of. The book explains such forms like agreement of confidentiality, due diligence documents, term sheet, final deal and agreement, etc. Chapters shed light on the critical questions like – how Venture Capitalists depict valuation of a company, their exit strategies and extent of participation in a company’s management, the meaning of dilution, exit strategies, etc.

‘Venture Capital’ stresses on venture investment concepts from the investor’s, as well as the venture applicant’s point of view. The book covers such areas in investment as will help a novice prepare to find a suitable VC firm and apply for capital equity. As the authors state, “…VCs, despite their overflowing coffers, need to be dazzled before they write a check. This book will help you do that dazzling.”

Published by 

John Wiley & Sons