It’s Time To Get Creative

Ron Peterson 

Ron Peterson’s book, “When VCs Say No, It’s Time to Get Creative” is a guide to developing and employing a wide range of business strategies to attract capital investments. Peterson’s book highlights on creative approaches undertaken by several companies, including the different methods and resources they employed to secure funds towards business development

In his book, Peterson demonstrates the creative approach taken by Collateral Therapeutics, a California based start-up Company, towards acquiring loan for business.

Collateral Therapeutics, San Diego, backed by innovative technology, financing support and an assortment of partnership agreements, negotiated a $500,000 loan from Schering AG. The success of Collateral Therapeutics was largely due to its excellent scientific and technological leveraging, and usage of several types of licenses, financing methods and agreements to further business. A few years into outstanding development, Collateral Therapeutics was bought for a whopping $100 million and more.

Peterson’s book answers an important question: did Henry Ford help Michael Dell grow his company? Peterson explains how Dell used the same business tactics to grow his enterprise in the 1990s as Ford did 100 years before him. The book ‘When Venture Capitalists Say ‘No’–Creative Financing Strategies & Resources’ elaborates on the different financing strategies that new companies can use to acquire venture funds. The remarkable story of Ford, his rise from a failed entrepreneur with scant financial connections to the founder of Ford Motor Company, and Dell’s experiences, is available from www.threearrowscapital.com. The site provides a free download of this story and many more capital sources and business strategy information. You must click on “The Book” and “Book Introduction” options to download information.

Peterson’s book is a treasure house of information, with highlights on creative techniques used towards raising finance for start-ups, and successful expansion of ventures. Punctuated by illustrations of proven practices, financial stories and innovative approaches to raising capital, Peterson’s book provides an interesting read. Focusing on the most lucrative methods among the 81 types of capital raising techniques, Peterson hopes to benefit entrepreneurs expand their companies. Particularly suitable for biotechnology companies with little or no capital for extensive research, Peterson’s book acts as a primer to securing funds by such companies.

‘When VCs Say No, It’s Time to Get Creative’ is a 272-page book priced at $29.95

Published by 

Comanche Press, MD