The Truth About Starting and Growing Your Business

Barry Moltz 

Barry Moltz, in his book titled “You Need to Be a Little Crazy: The Truth About Starting and Growing Your Business” published in October 2003, disproves the start-up business myth by stressing on qualities many entrepreneurs identify with: courage and passion and just a faint, yet strong streak of craziness that prompts so many to disregard stability and security and instead chase their dreams.

Are you planning to launch your own start-up business in a market where an amazing 33% of all companies fail in their first two years and 50% more shut-down in their first four?

Moltz is the founder of three companies. An angel investor, he counsels several entrepreneurs every month. His book reveals the entrepreneurial character and qualities that foster success. Moltz’s own career has been checkered; he has seen disappointments and many spectacular successes with start-ups. Punctuated with Moltz’s flippant humor, ‘You Need to Be a Little Crazy’ delivers insights into the complex issues of start-up businesses, availability of finance, and company well-being, and how the ups and downs in business brings about emotional upheavals, affects family life, etc. More importantly, the book explores an entrepreneur’s passion for his dream and elaborates on the practical usage and maximizing of resources

Moltz emphasizes on the importance of building ‘trust capital’ by securing customers with enough finance to invest in young companies. In his book, he states how this should be done; forming alliances through customer and service relations. According to Moltz, businesses should be allowed to grow at their own pace and without burdening them with new developments in the process. In his book, Moltz also stresses on family support and their perspective on business

Good networking is the life of a business

Before the 1990s economic boom, the industrial market saw an extended downturn accompanied by scandals and several fallouts in corporate and technology sectors. All this led professionals and entrepreneurs to express a deep resentment towards businesses and question the meaning of their work. Moltz’s work is encouraging and supportive of entrepreneurs. He firmly believes that with courage and hard work, start-up ventures can be easily launched.

Prairie Angels is a group of private investors based in Chicago. As the co-founder of Prairie Angels investing firm, a business coach and entrepreneur, Barry Moltz commits himself towards investments in start-ups and business capitalization. Moltz is also part of the Kauffman Foundation sponsored National Angels Summits’ Steering Committee, and the member of Illinois Entrepreneurship Centers’ Advisory Board.

“You Need to Be a Little Crazy: The Truth About Starting and Growing Your Business” is priced at $18.95. It is a 224-page book in 6×9 paperback style, (ISBN: 0-7931-8018-X). You can pick your copy online or from neighborhood booksellers, or by calling 877-245-BOOK

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