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Business Process Outsourcing Firms Attract VC Funding

The best niche Business Process Outsourcing companies can improve the workflow for clients and save them money. Discover why BPOs are catching investors' eyes...

Biometric Publications

The Functions of Biometric Identification Devices

The term "biometric authentication" refers to the automatic identification, or identity verification, of living individuals using physiological and behavioral characteristics. Biometric authentication is the "automatic", "real-time", "non-forensic" subset of the broader field of human identification. There are two distinct functions for biometric devices:
1. To prove you are who you say you are.

2. To prove you are not who you say you are not.


Technology Transfer: Licensing Intellectual Property from Universities to Industry

The process of transferring discoveries and inventions from research to the commercial sector is a complex process. Discover the right way from technology transfer experts.

Start-up Business Dilemma 101: How to Value a Company With No Revenue

How do you value a startup before you've earned your first dime? Dan Mitchell, Executive Director of ACE-Net, offers guidelines for entrepreneurs on how to value a startup in the second installment of a three-part series.

Want to Draw Investors, Build Your Company’s Intellectual Portfolio?

In Silicon Vally and other prime tech centers, investors are funneling seed money and early-stage investment funding into emerging high-tech companies. To draw some of that start-up capital, companies should have their intellectual property portfolio in line.


Angel Power – An Angel Survey

How do Angel investors think? What are they looking for in startups? For answers to these questions and the complete lowdown on the preferences and tendencies right from the mouths of Angels, check out Dee Power and Brian E. Hill’s revealing Angel Survey.



Check Out Your Investors

Due Diligence is a must for investors, but entrepreneurs should conduct their own due diligence. Dan Mitchell, Executive Director of ACE-Net, tells entrepreneurs what to look for in investors.


Thinking Like an Angel

Get the scoop of what angels are looking for when they size up a business plan. Here's some insider tips written by a prominent angel on how to attract investors.


What Not to Say in a Business Plan

In a business plan, what you don't say is often as important as what you do say. Barry Moltz, an angel investor and author, offers tips about how to keep your business plan simple and effective and draw investors.

When Start-Ups Can’t Sell

The company message might sound good, but doesn’t give customers a compelling reason to buy. Discover how to close that communications gap.

The Top 10 Most Common Intellectual Property Rights Mistakes During Venture Capital Due Diligence

Learn the dos and don'ts of handling the most common intellectual property rights mistakes from an expert, Attorney Dennis Fernandez.

The Interview


By Mike Roer, Executive Director, The Connecticut Venture Group


You have reached the interview stage with an investor. The interview could make or break the potential deal.  Be prepared for the questions an investor might ask.


Turning Intellectual Property Into Money-Making Ideas

Have some great ideas for products or services? Don’t let them sit around collecting dust. Learn how to protect intellectual properties with patents.

Nanotechnology: Catch the Wave That Will Revolutionize High-Tech Business

Nanotechnology, the emerging science that creates microscopic super machines and materials, is on the verge of creating a business revolution. Learn how startups can ride the coming nanotechnology wave.